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Demand won’t be met by Renewables Alone

Posted on 30/07/2018

Michael Johnson, director at the industry-leading recruitment agency, BOSS Energy, provides his thoughts on the current oil and gas market and the future challenges facing the industry. Johnson, a founding member of BOSS Energy, with 7 years energy recruitment experience highlights the focus of the business and its services within the recruitment market.

A period of stability for oil and gas

BOSS Energy has maintained its focus in the oil, gas and LNG markets, with a head office located in London and a strong presence in emerging markets such as Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The existing stability in oil and gas is likely to culminate in further project developments and increased investment.

According to Johnson, the business has placed a strong emphasis on developing the energy potential of emerging regional hubs and working with each country to make better use of their energy demands, whilst increasing overall productivity. Despite many businesses shifting their attention towards the renewable sector, BOSS Energy has maintained its position within the oil and gas market and placed focus on providing the most viable and efficient option for emerging markets. The oil and gas market is in a relatively stable position, and with growing demand levels, energy requirements cannot necessarily be met by the rapidly developing renewables and energy storage market.

Managing the energy demands of emerging markets

Whilst clean energy is now a significant part of the energy mix, it isn’t always the most viable option, particularly for emerging economies that lack quality infrastructure and need to provide for a forever-growing energy demand.

“Various factors such as cost, national policies and project scale can have a significant influence on determining the most effective energy choice for a region.” Says Johnson.

Working in emerging markets is a clear focal point for BOSS Energy, and the company’s services extend beyond the provision of project requirements to recruit for senior-level positions. These types of vacancies demand additional skills and expat knowledge- which present a clear competitive advantage in the energy staffing space. By offering this expertise, BOSS Energy can deliver a perfect service to its clients based on a complete understanding of the service industry.

“Retaining and driving repeat business with our customers through our head office in London and our regional hubs really separates our business from other competitors”.

LNG has become a significant focus for BOSS Energy, offering a more clean, cost-effective alternative to other conventional fossil fuel sources. There has been a significant increase in LNG facility development, with more countries introducing LNG into their grid systems.  Johnson believes there is more optimism in the global LNG market and with infrastructure constantly improving whilst energy demand continues to soar, renewable energy will doubtfully ever be a stand-alone industry.

BOSS Energy has maintained its core focus in the oil and gas market and continues to work on a global scale, responding to market developments across Asia and recent mergers that have influenced core sector regions. This year, the recruitment agency expanded their regional focus with the opening of a new office in Singapore. The new regional hub means the business can further its success in the global mobilisation of energy professionals across Asia. Johnson believes consumer demand for products and overall industry awareness has transformed considerably. As a result, Johnson thinks it is unlikely oil prices will approach the $100 level. Oil prices have, however, reached a period of stability, but this again will be influenced by industry changes in emerging economies such as Asia.

An important challenge now lies with the continued development of new projects and recruiting in a market that implements work restrictions, as well as a workforce nearing retirement age. The major difficulty is filling this knowledge gap, which Johnson believes will encourage the development of additional, niche services.

BOSS Energy works across the global energy markets, providing staffing solutions to the oil and gas industry for both existing and new projects.

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