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Employee Motivation and Retention

Posted on 19/10/2018

Given the time and resources it takes to recruit, interview, onboard and train new sales employees, it’s easy to see how staff turnover can get very expensive, very quickly. When it comes to sales teams, the problem of high staff turnover is widespread and some reports suggest that turnover is at an all-time high.

Instead of working to constantly replace lost sales employees, what can be done to keep the ones you already have? Read on for tips and ideas that should keep your sales employees motivated and happy to work for you.

There is more than one type of sales person

A good sales person should not be defined as someone that simply “closes a deal”. Value can be added in sales in other areas. More should be done to realise the strengths of sales staff to ascertain whether the individual can open doors, develop and maintain accounts, close large deals or simply support senior sales staff. Taking the time to recognise strengths and weakness can help companies build a more sustainable sales team and also highlight areas where a new hire could be most effective


Give them room to grow

In the sales industry, talent is precious and must be nurtured. If you’ve got talented employees in your sales team, it’s important to give them a clear path to career growth and increased income potential. By implementing tactics such as coaching and accountability sessions, you can provide valuable adjustment opportunities as well as celebrating your employees’ successes.


Not cost centres

Too often sales departments are viewed as cost centres; more should be done to value the work aside from sales figures. For example, better integrating departments with project teams and understanding how the actual impact a good sales and marketing strategy has on other areas of the business might is good for company integration.


Find out what’s important to your staff

You can only motivate your team with money, awards or praise depending on what matters most to them. It’s always a good idea to speak to each member of your sales team and find out what exactly it is that makes them feel valued. Is it a pay rise? Or could it be time off, or certain accolades for meeting their goals? Once you drill right down into what makes your team feel motivated and valued, you’ll likely find it easier to show your appreciation for their hard work appropriately and ultimately cultivate happy, thriving employees.


Keep your remuneration plan consistent

Whether you are looking for a new sales team or looking at revisiting existing compensation and remuneration packages, it is important to consider the achievability of sales targets. Striking a balance between setting achievable targets that are fair for both company and employee is critical to the successful development of a good work culture.


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